About Us


Alhayy Global Inc. is a leading provider of outsourced support & consulting services for customers. Our Contact Center works 24/7/365. We are specialized in delivering high-quality, cost-effective call center, support desk & back office services to US small and medium-sized enterprises. We do have a good presence in UK, Western Europe and Canada.

It has been our mission at Alhayy Global Inc. to deliver outstanding inbound and outbound solutions and since 2018 we have been living up to the standards of our clients.

Guaranteed Revenue & Return On Investment (ROI)

Alhayy Global Inc. brings outsouring expertise and high-touch customer service operations into the world. The company was born to fill a need for those new businesses who see the importance of outsourced best practices in the outsourcing and customer service industry. We are committed to a controlled, strategic approach which through time produces “disruptive” strategies.

Not Your Usual Inbound/Outbound Service Provider

Most leaders feel frustrated at the effect of the unexpected on inbound/outbound services. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is the ultimate “unexpected.” Just bill for performance — not downtime or inefficiency — with Alhayy Global Inc. customer support.

We offer 24/7 coverage with simultaneous scale-up and down capability.

Our Management Team

The management team has in-depth domain experience, the technological & functional skills needed for the global organization to operate customer-centered operations. Our team is specialized in running effectively call center systems for small and medium businesses and has consistently met expectations, achieving an enviable uptime of 99.9 percent.

The clients have also trusted us with better quality of service, reflecting a higher degree of customer satisfaction and an overall decrease in operating costs from 30 to 70 percent.

Our philosophy of work is built by understanding the small or medium enterprise which wants to outsource its non-core and essential business processes.

We provide startups and enterprises with a range of customer-centric services, which allows their present and prospective customers to achieve greater exposure and deeper understanding of their goods or services.


We have a team that is always active

and able to work when you are not!

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Office # 09 3rd Floor Taj Arcade,   Jail Road, Lahore