Outsource inbound and outbound services to our experienced professional team & see your company expand. We pride ourselves on providing satisfying customer service at low cost. No contracts, smooth transfer, fast ramp-up, qualified agents, complete control of processes & professional services are what you get.                     

We have a team that is always active — and that is able to work when you are not!

Inbound Services

Outsource customer service to Alhayy Global Inc. for your small and medium-sized companies, sit back and enjoy the riches while we are doing the heavy lifting for your business. Our inbound customer support solution offers excellent customer care service that kicks off your sales and brand loyalty business.

  • Serving startups and enterprises Since 2018
  • Personalized Agent Training
  • True 24/7/365 Availability
  • Flexible to Match Your Dynamic Business Need
  • Omnichannel Support
  • No Binding Contracts

We offer omnichannel customer support services including:

  • Phone Support

We give your clients outstanding experiences. Our agents are qualified not only to solve the current customer problem, but also any downstream issues. Our phone support experts are encouraged to make exceptions, which leads to our first resolution score increase. We also assist with developing a training guide if you don’t already have one and can help you identify the flow of your project.

We agree that outsourcing the call center is one of the most important decisions you are going to take and that you are going to be a great partner.

  • Live Chat

Live chat support is popular with the millennials who expect real-time answers without having to pick up their phone. We are available 24/7 to answer all of your clients’ chat queries. Chat to engage a customer is auto-started, and can be turned into a screen-share with customers and prospective customers co-browsing.

Our reps for outsourcing back-office can also chat in real time with reps can do back office outsourcing work too. Back office outsource operates in the US, UK and Canada.

  • Email Support

Email support channel is fast evolving along with chats as the main form of customer contact. Our email response times are rapid. If we don’t reply quick enough, customers can seek to reach us through number of contacts across different channels. We help email queues, auto-responders, monitoring response time to emails and automatically opening tickets for emails sent with a large number of emails.

Answering emails, classifying them with identified problems can be useful to monitor consumer reviews and patterns. Our reps also do the back-office work, along with email. If you want email help, find Alhayy Global Inc.

  • Telemarketing

Our telemarketing services consistently outperform all other types of marketing and remain the most effective marketing tool to drive revenues in the near term. It is important to conduct telemarketing of lead generation for any company , no matter the size, that wants to ensure that their telemarketing sales leads efforts are successful. Today the outsourced skilled lead generation and telemarketing technology specialists are carrying out more telemarketing campaigns.

A unified team of telemarketing executives, advisors, and telemarketing agents administer our sales lead campaigns and are able to develop successful campaigns to achieve many specific business goals and objectives.

With the right telemarketing company with proven track record of running successful campaigns that produce results, you’ll benefit from services such as telemarketing lead generation, telemarketing demand lead generation, and telemarketing sales lead generation.

  • BPO services

Alhayy Global Inc. paves the way for you and your company to thrive. The business seeks to provide the best Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services in the United States, the UK and Canada. With a range of businesses benefiting from this in various parts of the world, we are proud to have a huge expertise under one belt.

Our BPO outsourcing companies utilize new technology to ensure the delivery of unique services in compliance with various populations and cultural diversities. With our support ‚ companies will extend their dream beyond horizons and with the aid of the BPO services aspire to become global power.

The outsourcing of BPO resources to manage back office as well as non-core front office roles has acquired a broad range of market verticals. Businesses are able to reduce the risks inherent in the management of outsourced operations due to BPO companies’ unique experience in limited specialized areas.

We offer 24-hour, taxi & limo shipping service, taxi shipping service, taxi call answering service, taxi shipping center, taxi call center, taxi shipping software, limo shipping service, live voice support to countless companies around the UK, the US and Canada, both large and small. All in your industry is prompt response, so our dispatchers are dedicated to answering any inbound call within 3 rings or less. Each customer will provide timely service which will be a great cause to improve customer satisfaction and substantial sales growth.

You don’t run your taxi service in a vacuum. You have rivals that are looking at your company for every possible advantage. You’ve got to beat them to the punch if you want to survive. Let Alhayy Global Inc. be your Customer Service Partner. Whether we respond to inbound calls or provide virtual assistance for your online reservation and payment system, our call center agents provide a higher echelon of telecommunications services, putting you on the road to an increased customer base and a higher end result.

  • 24/7 Service
  • Professional staff
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • VIP service

Outbound Services

We recognize that energy supply services are not optional, they are an important commodity, and that is why our customers need to pay close attention to managing and reducing costs now and in the near future. Our USA energy deregulation services offer state-of-the-art solutions to overcome your demands.

Our staff is motivated, trained and experienced. When you talk to us, you’ll remember the encounter and it’s our intention to learn more than you did before the chat, too. We also hope you stay in contact with us and let us know what else we can do to make a profit for your company!

Alhayy Global Inc. specializes in DME (Durable medical equipment) services. Lower reimbursements can be bad for the management of the sales cycle particularly when the cost of long-lasting medical equipment is prone to increase. If we take drastic quality management action the issues will continue to manifest.

At Alhayy Global Inc., we test policy compliances to ensure that statements are complete and correct to prevent audit attraction. We are searching closely for inconsistencies and correcting unresolved errors.

We offer the following as part of our DME services:

  • Data capture
  • Claims filing assistance
  • Practice statements
  • Custom report development
  • Denial management
  • Payment posting and auditing
  • Free schedule update

Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are trustworthy and work as an extended family to represent you in front of customers leading to results and improved ROI. Equipped to manage a diverse variety of jobs, regardless of scale, volume and time; Our quality assurance team closely tracks call flow and makes real-time and correct arrangements based on complex call prediction models to provide our customers with absolute cost-effective and timely solutions.

Infomercials and television generate high exposure and raise awareness of the products. Our trained professionals manage and develop a loyal and enduring customer base with an end-to – end effect of improved efficiency and performance levels of the organization.

We partner with leading subscription service providers on demand Directv to give you a way to select the best television experience. If you’re looking for a satellite or a live TV streaming service, we’ve just got the right choices for you.

Paperless Billing

Reduce clutter, and make your life easier when you go paperless. Nothing worse than trying to manage a slowly rising pile of mail.

With our creative and informative CGX campaign we aim to enrich our partners’ experiences every day. Our outstanding marketing team of experts worked relentlessly to bring Alhayy Global Inc. to the forefront of the outsourcing world.

We are pursuing a 360 degree plan and product cycle to ensure that the CGX campaign is implemented as effectively as the solutions we developed and introduced are successful and efficient. We hit the bull ‘s eye with the right handling devices and the right technology.


We have a team that is always active

and able to work when you are not!

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